PR stunt drops the ball: Giant candy bar delivery unpatriotic

By on Monday, February 13, 2012

One week on from the New York Giants’ dramatic Superbowl XLVI victory and the defeated New England Patriots are having the PR salt rubbed into their wounds.

For the Pats’ wide receiver Wes Welker, the moment he dropped Tom Brady’s last minute play was just the beginning thanks to Pawngo. To compound New England’s misery, the Denver-based pawn shop delivered thousands of Butterfinger candy bars to the team’s hometown.

Smart? Probably not. Sport plays such a huge role in people’s lives, and no sports show on earth embodies this significance to the extent of the SuperBowl, that in one fell swoop, Pawngo has probably isolated an entire fan base of potential customers.

However the stunt makes more sense once its orchestrator was outed as New York-based 5W Public Relations.

Goodnight sports fans. Happy snacking.

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