Job site in England Football Manager stunt

By on Thursday, February 9, 2012

In what is quite a funny reactive PR stunt, Guru Careers has used the UK’s ‘number one job site’ to post a very wordy job ad: England Football manager job ad

The ad includes details of the job, saying the successful applicant will:

  • Succeed in a major international tournament (quarter finals or above).
  • Beat Germany.
  • Find a way of integrating experienced midfielders so they can perform together.
  • Implement a plan A playing formation (4-4-2, although others will be considered).
  • Implement a plan B playing formation (this should include penalties).
  • Work closely with Journalists to ensure brilliant positive PR is achieved.
The ad states the employers are particularly interested in hearing from English Club Managers with ‘exemplary tax histories’,¬†currently occupying a top 3 Premier League position.

Guess they’re not fans of Redknapp, then.

Read the full ad here.

Spotted when Nick Thorpe tweeted it.

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