Ben and Jerry’s target journalists with personalised tubs

By on Monday, February 6, 2012

Ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s has taken to sending personalised tubs to promote its new €10,000 ‘Join Our Core‘ hunt for the next sustainable business leaders.

To mark the competition (which is giving entrants the chance to win 5 cash prizes of €10,000 to support their sustainable business ideas – the first 100 of whom will win themselves a year’s supply of ice cream!), Ben and Jerry’s sent Harry Wallop, retail editor at The Daily Telegraph this personalised tub:

Ben and Jerry's ice cream Harry Wallop Join Our Core

Ben and Jerry’s has tweeted to say they’ve sent others personalised tubs, too, so I hope to update with more pictures of as and when they crop up.

Thanks to Sticky Eyes’ Lisa Wisniowski for tweeting with it!

4 comments on Ben and Jerry’s target journalists with personalised tubs

  1. Avatar Tania Cavaiuolo says:

    Hmmm… Lucky I’m not a prominant journo. Tricky to find an appetising flavour that rhymes with ‘Cavaiuolo’.

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