Asda launch 7p Valentine’s Day card

By on Thursday, February 2, 2012

With a remit to constantly hit the media with news of their cost-effectiveness, Asda has launched a 7p Valentine’s Day card, complete with its ‘Asda Smart Price’ logo in a heart on the front. The message inside reads “My love for you is priceless!”

Smartprice Asda Valentine's Day card

I can’t imagine Asda will sell many, but they’ll certainly get people (and the media) talking about them, and by association, promote Asda’s low prices.

Good effort as always.

Update: Asad Dhunna just reminded me that Tesco actually did something similar a few years ago, too:

Tesco Valentine's Day Card cheap

Source: The Daily Telegraph online – tweeted to me by Emily Wong.


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