Heineken launches ‘The Serenade’

By on Thursday, February 2, 2012

When you think of Valentine’s Day, Heineken is probably not the first thing that springs to mind, or even the last.  That may be about to change however, with the launch of its newest Facebook app ‘The Serenade’. Based on the brand’s second global film ‘The Date’ the new app enable Heineken fans to create their own mini videos to their love interests, inviting then out for Valentine’s, via the Heineken facebook page.


(Video via creativity-online.com)

Consumers can personalise over 640 different serenades in just four clicks, which is then shared via a Facebook wall. The recipient is given the option of clicking on a Yes or No tab to accept (or not) a date from their secret admirer. Heineken will also be hosting ‘Serenade Live’ an 8-hour youtube event, where consumers will get the chance to to serenade their love live online. The concept was co-developed with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam.

So is this a great idea or cheesy attempt to horseback on an already overcrowded commercial event? As a rule, Valentine’s stunts tend to send me running for the sick bucket. I’m intrigued, and impressed,  by this one however. Heineken haven’t tried to hide itself behind a veil of sweetness and light, instead going for fun and blatant in its self-promotion (watch the video, you’ll see what I mean). Whether this works or not remains to be seen though; I mean how would you feel if you were rejected on facebook via a beer ad?

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