“The Rooms That Remain”: A heartfelt campaign sparking conversations on mental health and suicide prevention in Singapore

By on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

In a touching effort to address the rising concern of youth suicide in Singapore, the campaign “The Rooms That Remain” has emerged as a powerful initiative.

Launched by Youthline in collaboration with MullenLowe Singapore, this exhibit aims to ignite crucial conversations about mental health and suicide prevention within the community. Suicide has tragically become the leading cause of death among Singaporean youths aged 10 to 29, with the numbers climbing steadily in recent years. In response to this alarming trend, “The Rooms That Remain” offers a deeply personal and immersive experience designed to humanize these statistics and underscore the importance of mental health awareness.

Each room, meticulously reconstructed based on the cherished memories of their families, provides a touching look into the lives and legacies of these youths. Visitors stepping into these spaces are invited to reflect on the stories behind the statistics, fostering empathy and understanding of the profound impact on the families left behind.

To extend the reach of this message, the campaign also includes a thoughtfully designed microsite. This online platform features virtual replicas of the rooms, allowing a wider audience to engage with the exhibit. Through the microsite, visitors can explore the personal narratives of the individuals, access valuable mental health resources, and learn about Youthline’s services, including a live mental health helpline and free counselling.

Marc Khoo, chairman of Youthline, said, “The alarming rates of suicide among youths and the rise in proportion of youths in distress in Singapore calls for greater awareness, support, and collaboration across the community. Our goal is to provide a listening ear and effective support to young people who are struggling, as early as possible — and we aim to do so in the most accessible way. By creating a safe, non-judgmental space for youths to address their struggles, we hope to rein in mental health challenges before they become acute and inch closer to a future where no youth feels alone.”

“The Rooms That Remain” is more than an exhibit; it is a call to action.  The campaign not only honours the memories of those lost but also serves as a beacon of hope and support for those struggling. It encourages us all to break the silence and the stigma surrounding mental health, recognize the signs of distress, and reach out for help.

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