Gen Z feel a disconnect between who they are online and offline, Lenovo has a solution

By on Thursday, May 30, 2024

A Lenovo study found that 27% of Gen Z feel less judged online, allowing them to be themselves and form stronger relationships. A further 61% wish they could have difficult conversations offline, but find it easier through technology.

Lenovo’s ‘Meet Your Digital Self’ project has harnessed the power of AI to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds, helping Gen Z have the meaningful conversations they wish they could have…

In the UK, Lenovo worked with Oscar (they/them) to bring their online personality @spiderinmybath to life. Using cutting edge tech, Lenovo have combined absolutely everything Spider has done online to create an AI-powered avatar.

Spider could respond in real-time, adapting tones, movements, and facial expressions to mirror Oscar’s emotions, mannerisms, and vocal cues to facilitate a significant dialogue between Spider, Oscar, and their grandmother, Nunu. This initiative aimed to bridge the divide between the digital and physical realms, empowering them to reveal their authentic selves and reestablish a connection with Nunu.

Sarah Kendrick, Clinical Director at Mental Health Innovations said, “One in eight people globally grapple with a mental health condition, with Gen Z experiencing the greatest impact, where that figure rises to one in five. This type of AI innovation in Lenovo’s ‘Meet Your Digital Self’ social experiment shows promise as a way in which generations with different understandings of online personas can meet and understand each other.”

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