Pedigree creates a Tail Orchestra, translating the speed of a dogs wags into music

By on Monday, April 15, 2024

A dog’s tail has always been used by pet owners to gauge their moods. The faster they wag, the happier they are! Much like a musical conductors baton… So what happens if one replaces the other and in turn creates a first-of-it’s-kind canine conductor?

In a heart warming experiment, Pedigree put pups at centre-stage of the Polish Radio Orchestra. The video sees the orchestra following the dogs lead and creating musical joy from the varying speed of their tail wags.

To create a range of musical pieces, the dogs were stimulated with different toys, treats and objects, gaining a wide span of tail movement for the orchestra to follow.

If you want to listen some more to the puppy tunes, the brand have released the music across a number of musical platforms, including Spotify and Amazon Music.

For every stream, Pedigree will donate to the Pedigree Foundation, which aims to help dogs in need find loving homes.

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