Papa John’s release limited-edition garlic butter candle

By on Friday, April 19, 2024

On April 19th, National Garlic Day, Papa John’s is stirring up some aromatic fun with a limited batch of edible candles.

Say hello to the garlic dip candle now gracing Papa John’s website!

Pizza fanatics understand the crucial role garlic dip plays in the pizza-eating experience. But oh, the agony of reaching slice number four only to find your dip running low! Papa John’s heard the cries of garlic lovers everywhere and decided to put an end to this sauce shortage.

Enter the Garlic Butter Candle, a stroke of culinary genius that not only lights up your meal but also melts into a velvety dip, ensuring every bite of pizza or side gets its flavourful dip.

Papa John’s spokesperson noted, “We get it—our customers adore garlic, whether it’s slathered on their favourite pizza or dunked with our Garlic Pizza Sticks. So, in honour of National Garlic Day, we’re thrilled to unveil our edible candle, giving garlic aficionados a little extra sizzle at the table.”

So, light up, dip in, and let the garlicky goodness elevate every pizza moment. Because when it comes to indulging in the perfect slice, there’s no such thing as too much garlic!

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