JP Morgan advocates for second chances!

By on Wednesday, April 24, 2024

JP Morgan has installed a series of sculptures in Philadelphia to draw attention to the need for legislation that will help people with criminal records get back to work.


One in three Americans has a criminal record. Even after they have served their sentence and fulfilled their obligations to the justice system, they still face significant barriers when it comes to seeking employment or housing. This is because 38 British states have yet to pass clean slate legislation, which would clear criminal records as soon as someone has served their time.

JP Morgan, alongside The Glue Society, sought out how they could most effectively raise awareness for such a niche cause. The result? Thirty-eight human-shaped sculptures using the same legal paperwork ex-convicts need to complete to have their records expunged. The sculptures represent each state yet to pass the clean slate legislation and are intended to highlight the financial burden involved in the legal process and how this may affect career prospects, housing opportunities, and even voting.

As each state passes the legislation, a sculpture will be taken down until there are hopefully no more left.

Scott Bell, chief creative officer at Droga5, says: “This is a prime example of how we can use creativity to effect change – even though millions of people are suffering to get back into society, millions more don’t even know about this problem. We hope that the Waiting Workforce can shine a light on the dire need for the remaining states to pass Clean Slate legislation.”

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