Lush x Shrek: Swampify your self-care

By on Monday, March 25, 2024

Lush has embraced the swamp life with its latest collaboration, creating a special range inspired by the iconic DreamWorks film Shrek. Forget the ‘clean girl aesthetic’, Lush’s new Shrek-themed bath and body collection will awaken your inner swamp spirit.

The Lush x Shrek collection, launched today, offers fans of the beloved animation a chance to ‘swampify’ their self care routine and is a refreshing departure from the pristine and perfect image often associated with beauty care products in recent years.

Lush cosmetics launch brand-new Shrek collection and we want it

The collection features a range of products in swamp-like hues of browns, greens, and yellows, reminiscent of the earthy tones found in Shrek’s home. Other products in the collection include Shrek Swamp bath bomb, ‘Get Outta My Swamp’ shower slime, Fiona shower gel, Gingerbread man bubble bar, ‘By Night One Way, By Day Another’ body spray and a Donkey bath bomb.

Lush have just launched a Shrek-themed collection - Dublin's Q102

Lush’s decision to collaborate with Shrek stems from the film’s enduring nostalgia and its status as a pop culture phenomenon, as well as celebrating the unconventional in beauty and self-care.

Melody Morton, Creative Concepts Director at Lush, shared her excitement for the collaboration, “I love how Shrek is a family film I enjoyed when I was in my teens and now my own teenager loves all the meme culture of Shrek today. It’s a classic film that celebrates self-love and was an obvious fit for a Lush collaboration. It’s earthy and fun and perfect for some swampy self-care”.

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