Sauce up your Valentines with Heinz’s Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle

By on Monday, February 5, 2024

Heinz is taking love to a saucy new level for Valentine’s Day! Introducing the Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle – the ultimate companion for the season of love.

For those who’ve shown undying devotion to ketchup packets, which are championed as culinary ‘energy gels’ and ‘travel companions’ for the sauce lovers, Heinz is now elevating the love affair with their limited-edition Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle to ensure that ketchup lovers can now BYOK—bring your own ketchup—to any meal out, date or solo dining in your home. You can even customise it with some cute Heinz stickers to make it uniquely yours!

To spread the love even further this Valentine’s, Heinz is collaborating with influencers in the lifestyle and food space with personalised bottles, taking their followers through a day in their life with the Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle always at their side.

Navjit Dhillon, associate brand manager at Heinz, said that “In honour of the time of year with the most irrational acts of love—the season of love—we wanted to create the equivalent of the trendy emotional support bottle for Heinz fans everywhere, and as such, the Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle was born!”

This isn’t just any bottle, it’s a symbol of comfort and companionship designed to add a bit of love to your dining experience. The Emotional Support Ketchup Bottle promises to always stick by your side, no questions asked.

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