Kotex campaign aims to normalise period sex

By on Friday, February 2, 2024

Feminine hygiene brand Kotex have launched heart-shaped chocolate boxes with the message ‘Let’s Have Period Sex’ on them ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The chocolate boxes come with pads and shatavari truffles – which serve as an aphrodisiac – in the hope that this will help destigmatize conversations around periods and period sex.

The campaign comes after Kotex undertook research showing that nearly 40% of women would not have sex on Valentine’s Day if they had their period.

The survey results have also revealed that only 50% of women are comfortable talking about period sex. In the words of Kotex, let’s treat the most normal thing, like the most normal thing.

The ‘Let’s Have Period Sex’ chocolates are available online at letshaveperiodsex.com.

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