Tropicana have squeezed out two very important letters from their branding

By on Thursday, January 11, 2024

Tropicana have ditched the “A” and the “I” from their branding, making a stand against the world’s latest obsession – artificial intelligence!

The juicy stunt is meant to draw attention to the fact that “there is nothing artificial, and never has been anything artificial” about the brand, specifically their orange juice.

Hilariously, Tropicana handed out their limited edition packaging at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where AI is inevitably going to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind and the main topic of conversation.

“Tropcn” proves the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients – using only naturally ripened oranges that are squeezed within 24 hours, ensuring that the 100% orange juice is the perfect combination of zesty and sweet!

In the (likely) event that you weren’t in attendance at KES, the brand has also hidden a number of bottles in the Kroger Family of Stores nationwide. If you do happen to find one, scan the QR code to be in the chance of winning a trip to the original orange juice state – none other than Florida!

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