Ad of the day: The Generation Gap

By on Wednesday, January 10, 2024

This bonkers and brilliant ad for Australian lamb satirises a dystopian generation gap – uniting all over a BBQ.

Agency The Monkeys have delivered a sharply witty generational debate working with multi-generational directors and editors on the films.

The commercial, for Meat and Livestock Australia, taps into a cultural, light-hearted topic designed to get everyone talking.

Scott Dettrick, creative director on the project, said; “The various frustrations this year have each generation throwing tropes around, looking for someone to blame. When you scratch beneath the surface though, it’s attitudes, not age, that divide us. Maybe if we just got around a lamb BBQ and had a chat, we might find out that grandad is actually pretty cool, or all that stuff millennials know can be really useful. .”


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