Heineken creates a gene test for a tailored beer experience

By on Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Gene tests aren’t just for discovering that you’re related to a scullery maid in the Victorian era, don’t you know! The most important test revolves around beer, just like everything in life. 

The beer behemoth and the geneticist Andrew Shelling have launched ‘The Heineken Choice’ to help merge flavour with science.

Using a PTC test to detect sensitivity to strong flavours, lovers of the hoppy stuff will discover the science behind what makes them love a particular flavour and not others. 

By placing on the tongue for 15 seconds, those who taste nothing will likely prefer the original Heineken beer, while those who experience a bitter taste will be better off enjoying Heineken Silver.

The kits will be available free of charge across selected bars in Auckland, New Zealand.

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