Simply the Breast: The breast cancer A-Z of signs and symptoms

By on Tuesday, October 17, 2023

TBWA\Neboko, in partnership with the Alexander Monro Hospital and Breast Care Foundation, have reimagined the alphabet this Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Credit: llbonline

In the Netherlands, around 25% of people diagnosed with breast cancer are under 50, with recent research by the Alexander Monro hospital revealing that 84% of people can only name ‘lumps’ as a symptom. It doesn’t get much better for those who do know the symptoms however, with the younger generations concerns often being dismissed both by themselves and their doctor due to their age and perceived wellbeing. 

Credit: The Drum

With breast cancer being the most common cancer in the world (2.3 million people diagnosed annually), The Breast Cancer Alphabet has the potential to make an impact globally. The campaign acts not only as a way of highlighting the importance of breast cancer awareness this October but also as a compelling visual for just how many potential indicators young people should look out for to ensure an early diagnosis.

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Check your breasts people!! 

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