We are head OGRE heels for this DreamWorks X Crocs collab

By on Friday, September 8, 2023

Crocs has unveiled yet another film-inspired clog – one that’s sure to make a splash in the swamp…

The infamous shoe brand has joined forces with DreamWorks to create the Shrek Crocs Classic Clog, inspired by the big man himself!

The shoe follows a green colour scheme that matches the ogre’s skin tone, features a fluffy brown heel strap inspired by his iconic tunic and is, of course, adorned with special Jibbitz that are modelled from none other than his ears and nose. As a final touch, Shrek branding is stamped on the underfoot and printed on the sides.

…what more could you want?!

However, to the dismay of fans, there is no official release date for eye-catching crocs yet, but knowing the passion the public feel for their favourite animated ogre, they will happily wait!

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