Met Office and Beano are up for mischief, as Minnie the Minx gets her own storm

By on Thursday, September 28, 2023

The iconic comic character, Minnie the Minx, has been named as one of the Met Office’s official storm names for the 2023/24 season.

The next season of storm names have been revealed; inspired by civil servants, scientists and none other than Minnie the Minx herself.  The collaboration comes as Beano celebrate her 70th anniversary later this year, whilst the Met Office are also preparing for their 170th birthday in 2024.

Minnie will kick up a storm of her own in a special story. The comic raises awareness of what actions to take before, during and after a storm. Children will also learn about the Met Office storm names, created to keep people safe and #WeatherReady when it matters most.

The comic strip shows Minnie ‘charming’ the Met Office team to get her name on the list, after finding out Dennis had a storm named after him back in 2020. After picking up a ‘how to prepare for a storm’ leaflet, Minnie gets to work with the help of a bunch of other Beano stars to keep everyone safe so her storm doesn’t hurt anyone.

Met Office Associate Director of Communications, Dave Britton, who leads communication in times of severe weather, said: “This is the ninth year of us naming storms and we do it because it works. We’re delighted to work closely with Minnie and everyone at Beano again to help get our safety messages to their loyal readers.”

Mike Stirling, Beano’s Director of Mischief, said: “Minnie is a force of nature herself, so having her own storm came naturally, especially after she found out that a storm was named after Dennis a few years ago. Kids will love this hilarious story, and we’re happy to join Met Office in their mission, by sharing essential information in a fun way with children all over the country.”

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