Language app Duolingo is adding the most universal language: music (…and also maths)

By on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Duolingo is well-known for many things: language lessons, of course; but also the quality of its social media output; and the vaguely threatening aura of the Duolingo mascot – a giant, green owl named Duo.

Now, the app which gamified language learning has combined all three of these elements to announce that it will be adding maths and music lessons to the app.

The above announcement trailer was released ahead of ‘Duocon’, the company’s annual global event that takes place on 11th October, the same date that Duolingo’s music lessons are set to become available on the app. The event ‘sits at the intersection of learning and technology’, and is a virtual event where consumers can expect to hear about the latest Duolingo product and feature announcements.

The music lessons, which look like they will be based around playing on a digital piano, will help consumers to develop their musical ability with ‘hundreds of interactive lessons’, featuring ‘over 200 familiar tunes’.

It is unclear whether the lessons will also be free (but ad-supported), however it has been assumed by speculators online that the new lessons will follow a similar format to the language lessons. This would mean that users could pay for Super Duolingo for unlimited ‘lives’ and ad-free learning.

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