KFC’s hands on campaign

By on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

As we know, it’s a crime against humanity to eat fried chicken with a fork unless you enjoy being ridiculed by friends and family.

Making marketing moves, KFC Canada has embraced this trope in a new video campaign: ‘sorry utensils’.

The campaign is a playful apology to disregarded cutlery, promoting their downfall, all whilst successfully hammering home the KFC slogan: ‘finger lickin’ good’.


The video captures customers chowing-down om a variety of KFC offerings, from buckets to burgers, whilst utensils watch with as much dismay as an inanimate object can muster.

Throughout the short video the actors gleefully ditch all social norms to man handle some chicken. A man chucks cutlery in the bin after barely a moment’s consideration and a woman blatantly ignores a forgotten spoon as she resorts to god’s cutlery (hands).

A KFC spokesperson said: Our deepest apologies to the utensils out there. Our crispy, golden, Finger Lickin’ Good chicken is in better hands”.

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