A colourful and practical addition to fire hydrants

By on Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo have partnered with Street Lab to give New York fire hydrants a colourful and practical new feature. For decades, New Yorkers have been beating the heat by playing in the flow of fire hydrants in the city – however, unsupervised fun can lead to huge water waste every year. Introducing the Splash Spot: a colourful and practical way to curb wasted water, while ramping up the fun of a fire hydrant.

Cleverly designed, these simple and intriguing new components restrict water flow, have an on/off function, and release up to 50% less water than a standard opened fire hydrant – all whilst in all directions, like your favourite water-based garden toy.

Tim Gordon, chief creative officer and Partner of Zulu Alpha Kilo NY said: “These really are first of their kind. Splash Spots aim to bring joy, a smile and a little cool down, to everyone who comes across them.”

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