This special-edition PlayStation pasta pushes all the right buttons

By on Monday, July 17, 2023

Calling all pasta and game lovers! Sony PlayStation have teamed up with Pasta Garofalo to create a fun range of pasta in the shape of its console’s iconic controller buttons.


With ‘Play Your Pasta’, you can serve up some Final Fusilli, Ghost of Tortellini or Capellini 2077 onto your plate(station). UK-based online grocer Ocado will provide these limited-edition pasta packs filled with triangles, circles, squares and crosses for people to add a little twist to their conventional pasta dishes.

Pasta Garafalo’s official blurb reads: ‘The gap between cooking champion parents – and video-game loving kids – can be overcome in the kitchen where the spirit of collaboration reigns supreme. So the Play Your Pasta campaign unites everyone, parents and children, gamers and food lovers, because pasta is a game to be played together!’

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