Google put Apple VS Android to rest

By on Friday, June 30, 2023

Apple’s legacy of challenging its tech rivals, with the iconic early 2000s ‘Get a Mac’ ads featuring John Hodgman, playing an awkward and hectic PC, contrasted by the modern, organised and chill Justin Long.

In this new ad beef, Android steps up to the plate with its chosen fighter, google pixel, however surprisingly, the phones are friends not foes.

They discuss their differences; google consoles iPhone as it struggles with its insecurities: its fear of  hackers, limited star gazing capabilities and blurry vision.


Google sees these issue but has its own solutions for all of them, a free built in VPN, astrological photography feature and image unblurring.

The depiction of Apple’s issues isn’t condescending or biased but more concerns of a genuine friend. Google doesn’t make snidey comments but tries to help iPhone come to terms with its inadequacy. The the issues resonate with the struggles that iPhone users have.

This is a good example of comparative marketing, and cleverly it plays on the natural human tendency to compare ourselves to each other.

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