UK Black Pride “16th century life expectancy”

By on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

UK Black Pride has launched a campaign to combat the misinformation within the trans community. Their approach involves reimagining five influential black trans figures as 16th-century paintings, aiming to challenge harmful stereotypes and ignite conversations about the struggles faced by this marginalised community. 


The campaign draws inspiration from a troubling statistic that has been misused to spread fear and anxiety among black trans individuals. It is widely believed that black trans women have a life expectancy of 35, a distressing figure that has exacerbated the vulnerability of an already marginalised group.  

 To reflect the stat, the campaign draws from an era where life expectancy was similarly limited to 35 years. By reimagining these prominent figures as classical paintings, the campaign’s creators, Ben Conway and Lauryn Raymond through Craft, aim to emphasise the historical context of oppression and discrimination faced by the trans community. 

 The five black trans figures at the heart of this campaign – Talulah Eve, Amani Cosmo, Ebun Sodipo, Mzz Kimberley, and Rico Jacob Chace – have been selected to represent the diverse experiences and resilience within the trans community. Their portrayal as 16th-century paintings intends to highlight their strength, beauty, and the profound contributions of black trans individuals in shaping society. 

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