The ID. Buzz presented by The Mandolarian X Volkswagen

By on Tuesday, April 25, 2023

As the third series of The Mandalorian is about to drop, Volkswagen has created a unique vehicle inspired by a character from the show, Din Djarin’s Naboo N-1 starfighter.


Doug Chiang, was the creator of the N-1 for the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and he assisted Volkswagen in ensuring the car had all the necessary details, before the new ID.Buzz debuted at the Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023. A noticeable nod to the N-1 is the metallic colours and the bright yellow stripe at the bottom of the car,  which mimics the the ship’s paint job in the series.

Alexander Von Schaewen, Volkswagen’s Creative Project Manager, felt it was crucial to “catch the character of the Mandalorian” through the aspects of the car such as the colours used. There are subtle references to The Mandalorian such as the unique rims on the car that feature the mudhorn logo. The car has also darkened the Buzz logo and and taillights so all the details align with the original character. Chiang noted “For me, it’s the whole package. All of those little elements add up to create one beautiful, amazing character”. Additionally, Chiang said how “a lot of what I do for film design is fantasy-based. We don’t have to think about practicalities of actually executing it. And what I really appreciate in working with the Volkswagen team is that they have to bring it to life”.

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