Girl or boy? Lover or hater? – Marmite’s new pregnancy scan

By on Thursday, April 20, 2023

Not even pineapple on pizza divides people as much as Marmite. So much so, that mothers have taken it upon themselves to find the ultimate answer sooner rather than later – is my unborn child a Marmite lover or a hater? Marmite’s latest campaign will give an answer to that all important question:



Marmite has partnered with Window to the Womb, a scan clinic – “As part of this trial, participants will be asked to eat a small serving of Marmite, before receiving a 4D ultrasound scan to monitor the baby’s reaction to the taste”, a Marmite spokesperson explained. Their facial expressions will then be monitored and the expecting parents will be sent home with either Marmite Lover’ or ‘Marmite Hater’ baby merch depending on the verdict.


However, there is one question on everyone’s minds – is there actually any science behind this? Well, a whole research team is on the project, with the idea coming off the back of a previous study from Durham University, which suggested that babies respond facially to foods eaten by the mother, either smiling or grimacing depending on their preference.


The scans will be taking place on the 21st of April, so if you’re pregnant and want to find out if your baby will be a lover or a hater (or you just fancy some free Marmite merch for your new-born), you can sign up here to take part.

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