Skoda launch the ultimate driving playlist…. for dogs

By on Thursday, March 9, 2023

Fire up the subwoofer (sorry), because car manufacturer Skoda have launched the ultimate driving playlist; but it’s not aimed at your everyday passenger. Partnering with canine behaviourist Anna Webb, ‘Happy Hounds‘ was created to announce Skoda’s sponsorship of Crufts 2023.

Research from Skoda has revealed that 6 in 10 dogs suffer with car anxiety, and 75% of worried owners admit that their dog’s behaviour distracts them when driving. To help ease the issue, Webb drew upon her 20 years of experience with man’s best friend to compile top tips and soothing sounds, to soothe worried puppers.

Dog Behaviourist and Nutritionist, Anna Webb said: “Emulating the heartbeat is thought by science to offer a calming effect. Small dogs and puppies normally have heart rates of 120 to 160 beats per minute. These songs work as they are not heavy metal or similar genres which is known to disturb sleep patterns in dogs.”

The playlist, ‘Happy Hounds’ with Škoda, is available on Spotify now:

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