Long Covid experiences depicted in 13-foot-long bus stop ad

By on Friday, December 2, 2022

Titled ‘The Longest Ad’, two Edinburgh bus stop ads have been erected – both being 13-foot long, containing 3,000 words of copy.

The creative campaign sheds a light on the experiences of those two million people suffering from Long Covid across the UK; the copy consists of what a day in the life looks like for those living with the virus, as well as powerful descriptions of the emotional and physical fights they face.

The campaign was created by The Leith Agency, who claim that it’s one of the longest copy ads ever written.

Jasmine Hayer, a Covid Aid trustee and Long Covid advocate, stated: “The feeling of this baffling illness ‘going on and on’ nails it: the disbelieving loss of who we once are and our limitations now, together with the impact on the relationships with our loved ones, is a grief that we continue to live with and do our utmost best to deal with.” 

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