Hot Pockets help out those who still wear shorts in winter

By on Tuesday, December 13, 2022

We all know that one person who wears shorts in the middle of winter, like they have some point to prove. Well, Hot Pockets also know that person, and have created a new product targeted directly at them. Introducing… Hot Pockets hot pockets!

Yep, pockets to keep your Hot Pockets hot. Try saying that after a few pints. The trendy cargo shorts are part of the new Hot Pockets clothing range, and are complete with an insulated pocket, designed to keep your hot stuff hot.

Hot Pockets' Cargo Shorts Have a Literal 'Hot Pocket' — Here's How to Get a  Pair

The hotter-than-hot product have been marketed as: “literal hot pockets that keep your sandwiches hot and your calves cool thanks to insulated cargo pockets — a true wintertime flex.

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