Microsoft Teams introduces gaming to boost office morale

By on Monday, November 21, 2022

We’ve all experienced a cringeworthy team bonding game before, but Microsoft Teams may have just introduced the perfect icebreaker (or procrastination tool?) for the workplace.

Microsoft have reworked and refitted its popular games into the work collaboration and chat software. Whether working from home or in the office, the new ‘Games for Work’ app seeks to forge better relations between colleagues by allowing them to challenge each other over classic games such as Minesweeper, Wordament, Solitaire, and Icebreaker. And in the name of collaboration, the games have all been updated to be multiplayer- even Minesweeper and Solitaire.

The scheme could be seen as bold by some, as some bosses are sure to see the change as yet another digital distraction. However, Microsoft cite numerous studies which point towards the numerous benefits of games in boosting productivity, creativity, and a sense of togetherness among employees.

Games for Work also allows up to 250 players to play in company-wide bonding sessions, while viewing a game as a spectator is also an option. The app was developed by an Xbox Games Studio division known as Microsoft Casual Games.

Jill Braff, general manager of integrations and casual games at Microsoft comments: “Games promote creativity, collaboration and communication in powerful and unique ways, and we can’t wait to see the how the Games for Work app on Microsoft Teams inspires productivity and helps foster connections in the workplace.”

So, try not to stress next time a Teams invite from HR comes in for 9am on a Monday- they may just love an early morning game of Minesweeper.

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