Trainline and Craig David partner to tackle climate change

By on Monday, October 24, 2022

Trainline is on a journey to raise awareness for global warming and encourage people to take the train.  Craig David has partnered with Trainline, by releasing his new track ‘Better Days (I Came by Train)’, where he sings ‘It’s just the little things, that we know can make a beautiful change, that’s why I’m happy that I came by train’.

Trainline have produced a cartoon, where Craig David is seen catching a train as he admires nature’s beauty such as the wild animals in forest or under the see. The music video also demonstrates the dangerous effect of climate change as we see lightning strike and wild fires. The train dives into the ocean as fish and people’s rubbish floats also.  Golden Wolf at Stink was the producer and director of the powerful music video, as Craig David in cartoon form reminds us the beauty of nature and the devasting results of not protecting it. At the end, Trainline highlights how useful using a train is to help the climate change crisis: “Trains create 70% less CO2 than cars. Visit for the facts.”

Agency Mother wants people to show off about the fact they get the train, brand chief Jo McClintock wants ‘I came by train’ to become a phrase people want to say. Strategy director at Mother, Omar El-Gammal said, ‘There’s a degree of fatalism when it comes to the climate emergency’, he believes most feel they can’t have a significant impact on the issue, therefore with ‘I came by train’, opens up the opportunity for people to take part in the movement to tackle the climate emergency.

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