Climate protestor glues himself to the table during Dutch TV show

By on Thursday, October 27, 2022

In week where Just Stop Oil have been causing media mayhem by chucking soup at paintings…

…and hurling cake at waxworks of the royals…

…one protestor in the Netherlands took disruptive tactics to the next level.

Jelle de Graaf (from Extinction Rebellion) was booked to appear on the RTL talk show Jinek to discuss recent outlandish protests by climate activists involving throwing food items onto art.

As the TV debate took a decidedly hostile turn De Graaf suddenly jumped onto the table and glued himself to it.

โ€˜I am going to talk about the climate crisis and the ecological crisis,โ€™ he said. โ€˜People are going to die Beau,โ€™ he told presenter Beau van Erven Dorens.

clip via Extinction Rebellionย 

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