Horror movie hijacks baseball game with menacing Smile stunt

By on Friday, September 30, 2022

To promote the new psychological thriller, Smile, the marketing team behind the Paramount Pictures film have taken a terrifying approach.

Baseball fans across America noticed something a little menacing lurking in the sidelines of the games they were tuning into.

In Smile a malevolent supernatural entity takes over people and makes them perform terrible acts while grinning ear to ear.

So as part of the Paramount film’s marketing campaign, performers were placed at baseball games where they adopted the creepiest smile they could deliver.

Actors staring dead into TV cameras in fixed smiles (some wearing branded yellow t-shirts) were spotted by viewers at 3 games

– Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees, NY Mets v Oakland Athletics and St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers.

One ‘smiler’ even appeared at the Today show, leaving many Americans confused and creeped out, wondering what was going on.

Members of the public who spot one of these smilers are encouraged to report their ‘smile sightings’ here.ย 

This publicity stunt took horror movies’ creepy campaigning to the next level.

Smile is in UK cinemas now.

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