Paddy Power’s Love Football with Peter Crouch and Mark Clattenburgh.

By on Monday, August 22, 2022

Paddy Power has teamed up with football legend, Peter Crouch and ex-referee, Mark Clattenburg to create the perfect TV ad to create hype around the Premier League before the new season starts. Paddy Power presents ‘Love Football. Essentially, a blockbuster that will leave you more excited than ever for the Premiere League.

The advert starts with a pub packed full of football fans staring intensely at a match on the TV screen. Next to Crouch, is his wife Abbey Clancy as they sit and enjoy the game together.

Within the advert, Paddy Power chooses to celebrate those pivotal moments in any football game. We smile as we see Peter Crouch fall in love with Mark Clattenburg over his amazing refereeing skills, as he starts by giving the opposing team a red card. Peter Crouch goes on to say ‘he loves when you let the corner flag take centre stage’ as he swings around the corner flag with happy football fans in the crowd cheering him on.

But it doesn’t stop there. Peter gushes over the referee and praises him for how ‘he takes control for drawing a line in the grass’. Peter Crouch and Mark Clattenburg romantically run into each other arms and surprises us with the iconic move from Dirty Dancing as Mark flies into the air held by Crouch.

Michelle Spillane, Paddy Power’s Brand and Marketing director likens the ad to ‘if Harry Met Sally at a Spurs match’. This is the first project Droga5 London has worked with on with Paddy Power. The advert highlights the great moments in a football game in attempts to remind us Paddy Power’s Bet Builder allows football lovers to bet on cards, shots and corners. Shelly Smoler, Chief Creative Office at Droga5 London, insists “if you watch one commercial with a naked Peter Crouch in the bath this season, make it this one”, as we see Peter Crouch in a extravagant bubble bath. 

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