Lays Potato Chips brings you the ultimate solution to cleaning up those greasy fingertips!

By on Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Lays, Taiwan have introduced the mini washing machine to clean up your greasy fingers after indulging.

Though Lays stand behind their delicious products, they have recognised the repercussions that grubby fingers can have; whether that’s leaving with you with fingerprints all over your work or a huge spot on your face after touching it one too many times. Their solution: a tiny washing machine just for your fingers.

Though the finger washing device resembles a packet of crisps, it does so a lot more. The USB port allows you to plug the machine in anywhere and sprays your fingers with atomized alcohol mist once they are detected.

We just with they’d introduce it to the UK so we can give it a go ourselves! :)


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