#Periodsomnia; Bodyform launches campaign highlighting nighttime menstrual experience

By on Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bodyform’s latest campaign highlights the loss of sleep people face when menstruating to promote new Goodnight Towel products.

#Periodsomnia is based on research that people who menstruate lose about five months of sleep over their lifetime as a result of discomfort and anxiety.

The film, directed by Kim Gehrig, champions inclusivity by showing the experiences of women and people that menstruate from a range of ages. Tanja Grubner, femcare global marketing and communications director for Bodyfrom, wanted to make sure the brand remained conscious of allĀ menstruation experiences, so included the 1% of society that are trans men or non binary, referring to all groups under the women+ umbrella term.

The ad mixes live action, animation and thermal imagery to show a very realistic depiction of what menstruation actually feels like. Revealing the universal truths of periods tackles the outdated social taboos that menstruation is still shrouded in. They can be painful, irritating and uncomfortable…and yet we take on the next day just like any other. Let’s continue to talk about how incredible that is, and how incredible we are.


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