Deliveroo have created a song that repels seagulls

By on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

With the recent surge in temperatures across the nation, Brits have flooded to beaches to soak up the sun.

Unfortunately, this has also led to a proportionate rise in the number of vicious seagull attacks on innocent seaside chip-lovers.

The below image is sure to bring back terrible memories for many of us.

However, for the first time, we now have a method more effective than ‘shoo’-ing away these relentless predators.

Deliveroo has teamed up with herring and seagull expert, Dr Madeleine Gomas, to create the world’s first seagull-repellent track, ‘Bye Gull Bye’.

The song cleverly uses melodic and climatic calls from *real* predator birds – such as falcons and eagles – to keep the ferocious scavengers at bay. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that jazz.

As Dr Madeleine explains, seagulls are so used to the specific sounds which their predators make, that when they hear these sounds from any source, their immediate response is to flee: ‘The track we’ve helped create incorporates a number of different sounds from the mentioned bird of prey calls, high frequency sounds to white noise.”

‘This is a great initiative to help the public enjoy their summer holidays without the threat of unwanted birds – all while not being harmful to them.”

The song is now even available on Spotify, so you can be armed at all times. Remember, you’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

In fact, something tells me I know what will be top of this man’s Spotify Wrapped this year…

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