Reading FC reveal new home kit to kick-start conversation about climate change

By on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Earlier this week, Reading FC announced the unveiling of their new home kit via Twitter- but the new shirts- not dissimilar in appearance to designs by the likes of Paul Smith, are more than just for show.

The sleeves of the home shirt provide a visual representation of just how much climate change is affecting the world’s temperatures, with each blue bar representing years where temperatures were lower than estimated; and each red bar representing years in which temperatures were far greater than predicted. Click here to view the original tweet as well as the accompanying video.

Reading defender Tom McIntyre pictured above, wearing the new kit.

The gradient of colour which shows the extent to which temperatures have drastically risen over recent years uses dynamic design to bring attention to the issue of our planet’s changing climate. As the tweet reads:

“We can’t do everything, but we can’t do nothing. Let @UniofReading warming stripes start your climate conversation!

#ShowYourStripes #HoopsForTheFuture

View the original tweet and video here.

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