Let’s talk about it! – DON’T hide or apologise for having a period, says Midol

By on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The menstruation positive brand, Midol, launched The Real Reason campaign last week, after finding that 90% of people who bleed have made up an excuse when cancelling plans, instead of admitting that it is their period stopping them. The emotional tone of the campaign sources its power from the fact that no one should feel ashamed of their period or feel the need to lie about it, especially in 2022.


In a world where 26% of the global population are people who have a period, Midol strives to normalise and unapologetically tell the truth about periods. Shame is a powerful- and in many cases- dangerous thing and Midol’s campaign epitomises the global need to eliminate the reflex action of feeling ashamed of simple bodily functions. Communication is everything, especially when it comes to health, wellbeing and the cycles of so many people globally.

In the words of Midol: let’s continue to eliminate shame around what our bodies naturally do. 

Too bloody right.

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