French Food Poverty crisis amplified by Greenpeace France via a fake start-up

By on Thursday, June 16, 2022

Greenpeace France- via a clever tongue-in-cheek move- have highlighted the growing need for food poverty amongst young people to be prioritised by the powers that be.

The objective? Very simple: create the worst food at the best prices for young people, dishes that are bad for you and the planet.

Certainly, hunger justifies the means, but we do not always have the means to satisfy our hunger, especially when we’re young.

Greenpeace France therefore created ‘Survifood’, a fake start-up selling horrible food at paltry prices in order to draw attention to the stark realities of the quotidian struggle for decent food at low prices. Greenpeace France wanted to highlight the fact that if you’re living in food poverty, disgusting meals attained at the lowest possible price is often the sad reality millions of young people are faced with.

Eating in survival mode is already a reality for millions of young people in France, and indeed across Europe.In the words of Greenpeace France: “[W]ith social security and €1 meals in university restaurants, lets put an end to Survifood.

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