McDonald’s are promoting bins

By on Thursday, May 12, 2022

XL images of trash bins with an eye-catching name, as it were a new type of hamburger…

Not a promo for Big Macs this time, but a Big Bin, a Bin Royal and a Bin Deluxe.

It’s a campaign by McDonald’s Belgium against litter.

Their ambition? Being part of the solution, not the problem.

Litter is bad for the planet, and bad for the brand.

However, the brand is convinced that together with their clients, they can work step by step on the litter issue to become better together.

“We want to make trash bins as popular as the burgers,” says Jeremie Goldwasser, Creative Director at TBWA.

“As a big brand we know about our responsibility and the impact we do have when it comes to the challenges of litter on streets”, says Philipp Wachholz, CMO at McDonald’s Belgium.

“Hereby we need the support of our guests. Only in a strong alliance we will be successful together. Our campaign is supposed to raise the awareness for and also attractiveness of using bins. We pass on that serious message still with a typical McDonald’s twinkle in the eye.” ​

The campaign runs from May 10th to May 24th, online, in the restaurants and on more than 1500 posters all across the country. Here’s to hoping it becomes as unmissable as trash bins!

agency: TBWA

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