Ukrainians have been getting creative with road signs to confuse Russian Army

By on Friday, March 4, 2022

The Ukrainians have been getting creative with road signs to confuse the advancing Russian Army.

They repainted all the destinations on this sign – to point to The Hague in the Netherlands – home of the international criminal court.

Defaced directional signage  has appeared on Ukrainian motorways.

The development comes after the International Criminal Court (ICC) decided to launch a probe into possible Russian war crimes unfolding in Ukraine.

An electronic billboard along Kyiv’s Victory Avenue, the route Russian tanks are expected to take, shows a message to Russian soldiers reading “Putin lost, the entire world is with Ukraine,”

source: NPR

Signs insulting the Russian forces have been popping up in key cities

Ukravtodor posted a picture of a road worker installing a street sign featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face crossed out.

The State Agency of Automobile Roads of Ukraine, posted this image on social media along with a message urging Ukrainians to take down or alter road signs in order to confuse Russian troops.

The digitally altered sign reads: “Go f*ck yourself,” “Go f*ck yourself again” and “Go f*ck yourself back to Russia.”

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