Polaroid creates new social media challenge Musings On Love – celebrating Black Queer Love

By on Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Polaroid partners up with My Black Queerness, My Queer Blackness (MBQMQB) to celebrate Black queer love through a new social media challenge – Musings on Love. The Challenge calls for artists to create collages of polaroid’s depicting what Black queer love means to them. Musings on Love was created to redefine romantic love and highlight the diverse and multifaceted images of Black queer identity.

Char Ellesse, content creator and initial partner of Musings on Love, submitted her own collage, sharing what Black queer love means to her: “Love is the art of becoming. Becoming at one with myself… becoming immersed in my culture and understanding my purpose here, and the importance of my existence.”

Musician David Blank also posted his collage on Instagram, reflecting on his own complicated journey of self-love: “These are the 4 things that I battle with the most, the 4 things I spend time taking care of and the 4 things that frustrate me the most, Myself, My Body, My Hair and My Art. The conflict that I have with these 4 come from the pure love I have for them, and they are the 4 that I always try to protect from the outside world and the ones that I have to push to be fearless in the outside world.”

Musings on Love will feature six Black queer influencers, creators, and artists from around the world who will act as ambassadors, sharing their own collages and encouraging others to do the same. MBQMQB, at the end of the challenge, will award three participants from the Black queer community grants.

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