IKEA ‘employs’ yellow-shirted customers during sale

By on Tuesday, February 8, 2022

In a clever campaign that plays on a common confusion, the IKEA in Al-Futtaim, Dubai, took advantage of any customer donning a yellow t-shirt during the busy sale season, by ‘hiring’ them to help fellow customers.

As footfall in the Dubai store can increase by over 600% during sales, the store automatically ‘hired’ any customer wearing a yellow t-shirt, part of the IKEA staff uniform, if they chose to participate by wearing a special lanyard.

These employees for the day were able to help other shoppers, by utilising the newly updated IKEA app and simply taking a picture or scanning a barcode for product information.

The helpful participants were compensated for their volunteering with a gift voucher to use on their next visit to the store.

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