Greenpeace showcases staying power of single-use plastic

By on Thursday, February 10, 2022

In a bid to highlight the devastating longevity of plastic, Greenpeace is exhibiting a plethora of retro plastic packages such as yoghurt pots, crisp packets, and detergent bottles that have washed up on our beaches, in the guise of a ‘vintage webstore’. The accompanying slogan ‘It’s Back!’, is misleadingly cheery, specifically because they never actually left.

These plastics have spent decades floating in and polluting our oceans, outlasting the products that filled them, or brands that made them, but, as the campaign emphasises, the stubborn plastics aren’t going anywhere.

To hammer home the alarming message, ad agency Oglivy created billboards, videos and an exhibition using the offending packaging to bring awareness to the problem that ‘plastic doesn’t just disappear’.

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