Adidas ignore nudity guidelines with campaign to celebrate breasts of all women

By on Friday, February 11, 2022

Adidas has broken the norms and “Redesigned 100%” of its sports bras to provide the perfect fit for all women.

The campaign boldly ignores community and censorship guidelines to aid understanding of an issue that many women face today.

The images used include a showcase of 25  pairs of breasts, providing a small representation of the differences in body size and shape from one person to another.

The problem of, ‘Will it fit?’ is a renowned issue across society and is particularly relatable for those who shop for bras, as inclusivity is not always the front focus of the design. The uncensored images were shared across social and also publicly displayed on a billboard in the UK.

The New sports range features 43 styles that have been designed to ensure customers can find the best “support and comfort tailored to them”. Adidas shared more images highlighting indents on the body caused by wearing a bra, another factor driving forward this campaign.

Of course, the campaign has received backlash on social media with many worried that children might see the advertisements. However, Adidas are adamant to keep progressing on the issue and are fighting to “normalise the human body and help inspire future generations to feel confident and unashamed”.

To find out more about the campaign, and explore the collection head over to their website 




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