This is not just an animated pig. This is a Tom-Holland-voiced animated pig.

By on Thursday, November 4, 2021

The well-loved confectionary character Percy Pig has come to life for the first time ever for M&S’ signature Christmas advert.

Percy Pig (voiced by Tom Holland) is accidentally brought to life in an M&S store by a Christmas fairy with a familiar face (Dawn French). The store may be closed for the night, but the pair can’t wait until morning to explore all the festive treats that M&S has to offer.

The Spiderman actor voices the incredibly detailed animated pig exploring M&S’ signature collection in awe and in contemplation of his very first Christmas.

Spider-Man's Tom Holland recruited as Percy Pig in M&S ...

“I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in all my 23 seconds of life!”, exclaims Percy Pig to the Collection Golden Blond Christmas Pudding.

M&S’ tempting new seasonal products also include the “mild and delicate” Collection Smoked Salmon, and Triple Chocolate Panettone.

M&S have also announced that they’ll be dropping a new advert every week until the New Year; 8 new Percy Pig adventures is nothing to oink at!

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