Wrigley’s EXTRA open kissing booth to help young adults get back confidence lost over lockdown

By on Friday, October 1, 2021

Wrigley’s Extra Gum have opened  a kissing booth, to help get young adults back to confidently snogging strangers after research revealed that 57% of adults have lost their confidence throughout lockdown. The pop-up kissing booth in Central London enticed some 40 participants to get involved and snog a complete stranger.

One in five singletons under 30 have admitted to not exchanging a kiss with a love interest since march 2020, and 84% are now nervous to get back into the world of dating now it has reopened. The experiment was entirely COVID-19 safe, with participants presenting negative tests prior to arrival.

The Kissing Booth was also hosted by leading relationship expert Alix Fox; the award-winning writer, broadcaster, sex educator and script consultant for the hit Netflix TV show, Sex Education. Fox said: “Three quarters of single people worry about kissing someone new, and these anxieties have been made worse by COVID-19 and Lockdown. As young people start to go out and date again, EXTRA decided to help put people’s minds at rest by staging a simple experiment to prove definitively that that there is no right or wrong way to kiss. So whether you are a lip nibbler, a tongue twizzler, a pucker pecker – just make sure it’s always consensual and that you remember to kiss with confidence.”  


Sasha Storey, EXTRA’S Head of Fresh Breath said, “Whether you are a nervous giggler, shoe gazer, confident canary or anything in-between EXTRA gum is here to help British singletons dust off their kissing cobwebs and kiss with confidence!.” 

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