KFC offers free chicken to those sharing fake KFC chicken recipes

By on Monday, October 11, 2021

Despite never sharing their 11 herbs and spices recipe, people all across the world have tried their best to emulate that iconic KFC flavour. Now, in a new campaign out of Spain, KFC is rewarding fans online for sending in fake KFC recipe videos.

In order to take part, people need to first find a video or online recipe that claims to make KFC-style chicken. Having copied the link into the specially created KFC website, the video will be verified, after which the uploader will be rewarded with coupons for free chicken.

The promotion, by Spanish agency PS21, will run through October and is available in all Spanish cities with KFC restaurants.

‘We’re proud of the people who have spent so much time trying to copy the original KFC recipe at home and share their versions with the rest of the world,” explained Beatriz Martinez, KFC Spain brand manager, in a statement. “We’re going to give back their time and effort through what we do best—the Colonel Sanders Original recipe. We encourage you to search for copies of our recipe on YouTube to try the #KFC original recipe.”

This isn’t the first time the company has benefitted from the copycat nature of the brand. This ad from 2019 brilliantly demonstrated the numerous chicken shops in London looking to emulate the KFC style.

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